Resort Park Avenue is Located on the extremely popular but still beautiful Calangute Beach, it is the ideal Hotel to spend your holidays, where thanks for it's magnificent location, you will be able to rest only few meters away from the beaches and the town centre. The central feature is the Swimming Pool. Adjoining to the lobby area you will find a Multi cuisine Bar and restaurant.  Wi-Fi, Restaurant, Massage Parlour, Money Exchange, Travel Desk and a Banquet hall are some of the facilities that are available on site. Travel Desk will assist in organizing Sightseeing trips (Temples & Churches), Dudhsagar Waterfall, dolphin trips, Water sports, Shopping etc. The Resort also organizes Theme Nights by the Pool - Side.

Beach Resort of North Goa at Calangute Beach
Resort Park Avenue is mainly and essentially a Beach Resort because of its closeness to Calangute beach. Walk out of the resort and within a few minutes you will be walking on sands of Calangute Beach.

Resort Park Avenue is situated bang in the heart of Calangute town. We are centrally located in the middle of all the happening spots of Calangute. Every holiday spot, entertainment activity, water sports, shopping centres and Calangute night life is all at a short walking distance from the resort. Check out the Around Calangute page to get to know of all the attractions around our beach resort in Goa.

Resort Park Avenue in Calangute has multiple accommodation options to suit your taste and budget. We Studio Apartments, 1 Bedroom Apartments and Premium Deluxe Holiday Rooms for the select exclusive few who like to live in style while partying in Calangute.

Water sports Activity on Calangute beach

Pristine & Popular Calangute beach

Prime Attraction of Resort Park Avenue is Calangute Beach
Calangute beach is considered for decades to be the Queen of all the beaches in Goa. Calangute has become by millions of tourist’s choice the “Mecca of all Beaches” of Goa and India too. 27 lacs or 2.7 Million tourists visited Goa and Calangute beckons and attracts each one of these millions of tourists to wet their feet on its blessed sandy shores. Calangute beach is loved by one and all for different reasons. Calangute has lots of Beach Restaurant Shacks. Calangute has many water sports activity to choose from. Calangute has Para Sailing activity to indulge in. Calangute has the largest number of hotel accommodations by the beach. Calangute beach is surrounded by active nightlife. Calangute is frequented by foreign tourists too. Calangute beach and town has many choices of Multi – Cuisine Restaurants like Indianna Bar & Restaurant of Resort Park Avenue in Calangute.

A little info on how we choose our name “Resort Park Avenue” in Calangute?
The Owners & Directors of this Calangute Resort came up with different appealing words such as “Avenue”, “Park” and “Resort”.

Since their Hotel Accommodation was bang in Calangute beach, hence one word would not suffice in describing their holiday resort of Calangute, so a combination of “Park”, “Avenue” and “Resort” was finally chosen because each word described in a little way, what Calangute had become in a much bigger way.

Resort is generally described as, “A place that is a popular destination for vacations or recreation, or which is frequented for a particular purpose.”  The entire village of Calangute has become a resort.  In the year 2012 around 27 lacs of tourists or 2.7 million tourists have set their steps on the shores of Calangute beach.

Park is normally defined as a “wide street in a popular place associated with luxurious residential and professional buildings, fashionable living and high society.”  Our resort too is located centrally in the heart of Calangute town surrounded on all 4 sides by luxurious residential hotels, there is fashion and fashionable living splashed all around in the branded boutiques and showrooms and one can spot the rich and the famous lingering around in Calangute.

Avenues are always knows “as special locations or special street situations or famous road junctions or road intersections where the street attractions would draw a lot of street activity.”  Our hotel accommodation in Goa is located on the Holiday Street of Goa, stretching from Calangute to Baga. Outside our hotel the avenue is filled with Tibetan Markets, Branded Showrooms, Tattoo Artists, Shopping Arcades, Beach Shops, Shopping Malls and lots of stalls selling rings n things.

Resort Park Avenue Room

So Resort Park Avenue of Calangute, Goa has a little bit of a lot to offer to tourists desiring to stay near the world famous Calangute beach in Goa.